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[Episode 26] Leave Law Behind with Casey Berman

[Episode 26] Leave Law Behind with Casey Berman

Attorney Casey Berman followed on in his grandfather’s footsteps to enter the legal profession.  A few years of law practise left him empty and unfulfilled.  He envied those who were pushing the boundaries in business, creating deals and making things happen.  Whereas Casey found his world of law to be about playing it safe, protecting assets and pointing out what could go wrong.  

So he embraced his ‘inner entrepreneur’ and stepped into the world of business where he could be creative and forward thinking. 

Casey is now in his ‘natural habitat’, running more businesses than he has confessed to his wife(!) and coaching others who are ready to dip a toe in the waters of leaving law behind.  Whilst he still holds great respect for the business of law, he realises that for him it had great limitations and he felt the stirrings of needed to live a life that expanded beyond the realms of the law profession.

His upbeat personality, ‘can-do’ attitude, and love of people, along with a healthy dose of realism absolutely lends itself to his new vocation.  With Casey by your side, all your ‘success wiring’ can light up!  

Join us for this very positive interview as we explore with him how he made ‘his’ transition and how he helps others take their first steps towards a life of empowerment and fulfilment too. 


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Leave Law Behind with Casey Berman [Episode 26] Wired For Success TV by wiredforsuccesstv

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