[Episode 22] The Empowerment of Breakthrough Free Energy

Free Energy is about to change the face of our lives forever…  imagine significantly reduced energy bills for clean energy! Your domestic energy, your car, travel of all kinds, including anti-gravity space travel – all of this will be available to us within a few months or maybe a year.  Sceptical?  Well the main stream media, academia and politicians have done their very best to suppress this technology, often in dark and sinister ways but also by ridiculing anyone who thought it is possible.  

Sterling D. Allan is the CEO of Pure Energy Systems (PES) Network, the premier news, directory, and networking service whose mission is to find and facilitate the best exotic free energy technologies.  Here he shares what free energy is, how close we are to having it in our own homes, the costs, and most importantly the impact on society as we are no longer slaves to oil and thus to the cabal who run the world.    

Sterling believes that each of us has the ability to contribute in some way towards heralding in technologies that will be even more impactfull on our lives than the computer and internet age have been.  A really fascinating stream of information – you will be left breathless by the possibilities!

Sterling has a fascinating website and newsletter http://pureenergysystems.com/about/personnel/SterlingDAllan/

Podcast available right beneath the transcript. 


The Empowerment of Breakthrough Clean Energy [Episode 22] Wired for Success TV by wiredforsuccesstv



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