At Any Given Moment

Everything in the Universe is either Expanding or Contracting.

Male Soldiers in the American army win medals and are feted for killing someone in the war of gold and the petrol dollar,but can lose their job and be disgraced for opening their heart and loving another man. A doctor can be prosecuted for euthanasia,in a bid to help relieve suffering and yet can freely prescribe drugs that have known side effects that can cause suicide.

Everywhere we look we can identify where there is Expansion or Contraction, it is either/or, no inbetween.

The main stream media does a poor job of keeping us informed of what is really going on in the world. It is Contracting. Forests of paper are used to print the escapades of celebrities and the minutiae of their lives. Rare mention is made of the hundreds of thousands of occupy protestors around the world who are looking to expand their lives out of the non-listening government control and manipulation.

Expanding are alternative news sources. Russia Today, Aljazeera and online news sources are ready to report on these meatier, meaningful issues.

As is happening in the outer world so is happening in the inner, that means inside us.  We are a mirror of what shows up in our lives.

Expansion is questioning where we feel less than fulfilled in our lives. Being prepared to be ceilingless.

Contraction is ‘putting up’ with what we know is keeping us playing small.

So that may mean that you continue to eat junk. You might stay in a job that sucks the life blood from you. You tell yourself that your loveless relationship is better than being on your own. It’s too risky to start up a business, stick with the 9-5.

Be warned. Once you identify the areas of your life in which contraction is happening, the genie is out of the bottle.…you can’t ‘unknow’ it. It will niggle at you. It will call your name. What once you were oblivious to, is now staring back at you in the mirror. Expansion can be a tough cookie, but it can also bring unrelenting passion, freedom, joy and lightness into your life.

We just need to get to the other side of fear to gorge on that sweetness.

Be honest with yourself, where are you contracting in your  life where you could be E X P A N D I N G?

Is it the company you keep? The food you eat? How about your work?

What is the fear (aka illusion) that is holding you back from expanding beyond your craziest dreams?

Remember, what you desire is on just the other side of that fear and …fear is only an illusion, it is not even real.


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      Thank you Cathy. We want to remind people that they are ALREADY Wired For Success. As a Life Coach,we know that you too work with people to remember who they really are and to help them expand into a life they were maybe afraid to even dream about…

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